Welcome to both new and returning families! We are so glad you have joined us!

I was able to be present for many of your drop off’s this morning, and it appears they all went smoothly. Today you would have chatted with your teachers, learned where to put your child’s supplies, and turned in any new or required paperwork.  After that, the hardest part, giving your little one hug goodbye for possibly the first time. Now that the hardest part is over you can begin to settle into a new routine.

Developing a solid goodbye routine will really help ease the drop off transition in the morning. This routine can look many different ways. In my experience, many families, after chatting with the staff, sit, snuggle, and read a book or two with their child. Next, talk with your little one and remind them where you are going and what they will get to do during the day. While your child’s teacher may not be sitting next to you they are listening and observing to your interaction. They will use this information to talk with your child if they have moments of separation anxiety.

“Remember, Mom said she was going to a meeting today? That you’ll get to play, have lunch, take a nap and then mom will return.” We still have time to play, what you would like? A book to read or to color?”

This is a snippet of a conversation that I have already heard this morning.

Your children are resilient; this process will ease the transition and allow them to understand the Monday through Friday routine.  Not only is this beneficial for them, but for you as well.

The worries of a morning struggle are quickly eliminated when you create a routine and you and your child both know what to expect.

If you’re feeling sad, worried or just curious about how your child is doing today, remember, we have an open door policy. Stop in, give us a call or shoot an email. If we can’t answer or respond right away leave a message and the staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

Early next week we will also have our Facebook groups set up so you can see the play adventures your child is creating and participating in.

For additional information on goodbye routines and transition tips, click the link below.

Helpful Goodbye Routines

Happy First Day!