We’re OPEN!

Happy Friday ya’ll! It’s above zero! I am sure you’re all looking forward to getting back to normal. I know I sure I am!

I just wanted to share a quick welcome back and few updates.

The snack menu for February will be out by Monday. Becky is getting the tax list today so you should see those staements in the next few days.

I am out of the office today but am hopeful that I can return by Monday. During all these cold weather and snow days I have had an adventure of my own. I’m having some severe inner ear issues and vertigo that landed me in the hospital midweek. As of now, I’ve been ordered not to drive or work until it gets straightened out. If you need anything urgently, call your child’s center, otherwise, send me an email and I’ll email you back as soon as I am able.

Stay warm and I’ll see you soon!