Spring is in the air!

Everything is melting! The sun is shining! Let’s hope this keeps up. With the transition in seasons, we will go from the cold, crisp air and, snow to slushy, sloppy and, muddy!

Remember, we are play-based and have a strong inclination to play in a natural environment whenever possible. Our playgrounds are set up to allow children to explore the natural consequences of the seasons’ change. To help save your washer you may want to invest in rain boots and Tuffo suits or other waterproof gear. These can stay at school and we can hose them off outside. You can find examples here:



Playing outdoors and especially in the mud is such an exciting time for your children and rich sensory experience. One that can engage a child’s proprioceptive abilities, both fine and large motor skills and, imagination of course!

For more muddy information, check out this link and enjoy the smiles to come!