New School Year, New Logo, New Assistant!

Hi  Families!

I am so excited to share this with you, as we are just about to welcome a new school year, we also welcome this new logo! With a little help from Alyssa, a member of our preschool team, I was able to create this new logo for our program! It’s awesome!  I have been a part of Little Chicks for nearly a decade and in my time here we have expanded not only our center but who we are and what we want to represent. This new logo represents what we are working towards and pays homage to who we have been.


Our process has been slow but steady. We recently updated our playground at the 601 location, so both playgrounds have been imagined, built and put into action by the owners, myself, and our staff. These ideas and changes began the moment I got back from Claire Warden’s Scotland Study Tour in 2015.  Our music walls are created from recycled objects including some of the owners children’s old drumsticks (I hear they go through a lot of these). Our water wall, leftover PVC pipes. Clayton is teaching the children in both programs how to grow and care for all of our outdoor delights. All of our teachers are constantly looking for more ways to bring in loose parts that are natural, found, and recycled. These items can be so much more than they were first intended, often are more interesting, more affordable, and hold up longer than the toys you find at your local big box store. Setting up provocations with these items keeps children interested and lends to extending the learning of your child.

Lastly, I am so excited to share the Amanda, who many of you are very familiar, (she does all your reservations and leads our Willow classroom), will begin officially shifting her roles to Assistant Director starting September 3rd. Amanda will still lead the Willow room but will also be able to support our staff in new ways  which will allow me to return to local boards & participate more within our directors consortium. When you see her please give her a big congratulations!