LCLA Staying Open

Hello families. At this time we are still planning on staying open at Little Chicks Learning Academy. We want to be there for all of you that still need to be at work and especially for those in the health care settings. We ask that now more than ever you are being cautious when bringing in your children if anyone in your family has been sick. We are going to be asking everyday the following questions:

• In the past 24 hours has anyone in your household had a fever of 100.4 or more?
• Does your child currently have a persistent cough?
• Has your child taken any fever reducing medication in the past 24 hours?
• Has your child traveled on an airplane or out of the state in the past week?

Please let me or your teachers know if you do not plan on attending for any duration in the next few weeks.
Please email me at or call me if you have any questions.