New Drop Off and Pick Up Procedure

We will be taking even more precautions going forward with drop off and pickups.

Please – RING THE DOORBELL and DO NOT ENTER the main hall way, stay in the vestibule.

A staff member will come to the door and begin our mandatory entrance/exitprocess.

Drop Off:
A staff member will:
~Take your child’s temperature using our hospital grade thermometers
~If your child’s temperature is above 100.4° F, they will not be able to attend day care until after a 24 hour period of being fever-free WITHOUT the use of medication.
~The staff member will take your child and their belongings with them to their classroom.

Pick Up:
~At the end of the day, RING THE DOOR BELL.
~We will bring your child to the door with their belongings.

Please understand that this is for the safety of our students, staff, and families.

We appreciate your cooperation in these uncertain times. Thank you.