LCLA Updates

Hi Little Chicks Families!  

I wanted to send a quick update just to keep our lines of communication open, especially when it comes to center finances.  We are now two weeks into closures for most centers.  LCLA has stayed open and are committed to Governor Evers plea for us to carry on being open to prioritize serving families that qualify as essential staff per State guidelines.  UW Hospital has added LCLA and the West YMCA to their staff website as options for care for their front line medical staff.  On Friday, we served seven children in the center at 5003 University Ave.  601 N. Whitney Way remains closed at this time, but should there be a need, we will re-open it right away.  We only closed it due to our numbers being so low.  Teachers would be so happy to see your children return as soon as you feel safe.  We are continuing to keep group sizes very low and are practicing strict disinfecting within the spaces.

We have not laid off any staff.  We have given staff who feel safer staying home the option to do that.  We are allowing them to use paid-time-off to do that or to take that time unpaid.  We have committed to keeping their benefits going for them during that time.  We are also holding their job until they feel comfortable coming back.  The staff have all been really wonderful about taking care of each other.  At this time, staff who have chosen to be in the centers are getting a bonus that we have lovingly dubbed ‘pandemic pay.’  This is being provided by Jessie and I personally at this time through what used to be our salaries.

To all our families who have continued to pay tuition during this time, thank you.  We are using our savings to cover the remainder of the loss the business is currently taking.  Our landlord is working with us on rent.  We have a line of credit that is open and available for our use.  This will get us through April if we constant with our revenue stream being what it is now.  

On Friday the news came that the CARES act had been signed by the President.  In it, there is a provision for small business relief.  Becky’s husband is an Accountant, he read it, reviewed our eligibility and we have reached out to the people that both he and our Financial Advisor recommended to see what our options are for relief.  I will keep you updated on that.  We are hopeful that this will help carry us past April if this continues longer.  If not, we will continue to explore other options.

All in all, we are in as stable of a place as we can be for now.  I don’t think I have ever been more proud to own this business in my life.  I see everyone making sacrifices to keep us going.  I think I have heard from most families who have lost their income, or a portion of it.  But, if you find yourself in a place of instability and your family is struggling to pay their LCLA tuition, I still want you to reach out.  We are all in this together.  

Thank you,