April Updates

Hi Families!  

As April is coming to a close, I wanted to write another update on how the centers are doing, and what the plan is for LCLA as the State slowly begins to re-open again.  Finances at LCLA are stable.  They are unchanged from where they were last time I wrote to you.  We did not get any Paycheck Protection Program funds in the first round before money ran out.  We have applied for round two of funding in hopes of those funds helping us through the summer, as we anticipate low numbers in our back-up child care program.  We have had access to emergency funding through the UW since we stayed open during this time.  No staff have been laid off.  We have no plans to lay anyone off.  All rent has been paid on time.  We have no outstanding debt currently.  Each month, I hold my breath a little, but your teachers pulled together, all of us sacrificed, and we continue to take care of each other.  

I was asked to be a part of a guidance committee on safely reopening child care centers throughout the City of Madison.  LCLA is leading the way as a benchmark for other centers due to our safe practices throughout this uncertain time.  Much of the way we’re doing things now will continue into the fall.  Amanda, Jessie, and I are already making plans for continued health screening procedures, staggered drop off times for families, new staffing patterns to limit the number of adults your children come in contact with, eliminating shared playground times, etc.  Basically, we are going to keep your child’s world as small as possible.  Our physical cleaning and sanitizing were already hospital grade because of the center’s owner’s backgrounds in health care.  Those procedures will continue.  Our group sizes were already small.  They will continue to be small.  

We are taking it one day at a time, but we can’t wait to see your children back again as soon as possible.  If you have questions or concerns, I am always available via phone or email.  

Stay safe and healthy!