This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. We all were very sad that we didn’t get to do our Annual Art Auction. This is always a fun even for us to do with the kids art work and see all of you out bid each other to celebrate the teachers.

I cannot even express how much I appreciate the teachers here at Little Chicks Learning Academy without crying. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions for all of us since the “stay-at-home-order” was placed. Becoming a director in November was already a bit scary for me, and then being thrown into a pandemic was beyond overwhelming. The teachers have all become closer since we have been sharing one building together. We have shared our feelings with each other, leaned on each other, laughed together and have become a stronger family in the most beautiful ways.

Although we cannot all be together to celebrate this special week, please take the time to email WECA about your children’s teachers for this special Provider Shout Out.

Thank you,