Changes to Classrooms in January

Dear families,

As you may have noticed, we have had a few staff changes lately. Some staff members have left, which has made it necessary for us to reevaluate how we staff our pods, as well as the makeup of the pods themselves.

Consistency is very important to LCLA not only for your family, but for our staff as well. Due to staffing circumstances, despite our best efforts, it has been a challenge to stick to our pods. Due to what I have observed over the past few weeks, I have been working to create new pods that allow more flexibility. My goal with the new pods has been to get similar ages back together in the classrooms, while also keeping siblings and relatives in similar pods. The goal in making this transition is to keep from having to change things again.

I know many of you, especially newer families, have bonded well with your children’s teachers and gotten use to the dynamics. We appreciate that during these unprecedented times you have continued to trust us with your children. Your flexibility and kindness have proven once again why the LCLA community is such a special one.

I understand that hearing that more changes are coming is stressful during this time and I can only assure you that a great deal of thought and consideration has gone into this. I have listened to teachers needs, observed in classrooms with Alyssa to look at children’s needs and talked to parents about what has been going well and not so well for their children in the mixed age groups.

Your current teachers will be able to give you the information on what classroom and teachers your child will be moving to. We can also talk one on one over the phone or in email.

We plan to make this change when we come back from holiday break. The children would start in their new classrooms on Monday, January 4th.

As always please call or email me if you have any questions or concerns.


Amanda Wilfert