Happy Friday

Good morning everyone,

I hope January has been going good for all of you. The first month back with new changes seems to be going well.

February’s snack menu is attached below.

I have had a few families asked to be added to my list of people needing childcare invoices. If you have not been receiving invoices and would like to please feel free to email me if you would like monthly or quarterly receipts.

With the cold weather brings a lot of winter clothing for your children to get ready in. Please message or call your child’s teachers to let them know you are on your way so they can start getting your child ready before you arrive. You can touch base with your child’s teachers to see what is easiest for them and you. This is also helpful to the teachers so they can have time to talk to you about your child’s day and are not getting all the children ready at the same time.

Thanks you! I hope you all have a great weekend!