New School Year & Transitions

Hello families,

We are officially almost two weeks into our new school year. There have been so many transitions for your families and the children handled it all so well. I am already seeing so many drop off without tears and many of our new friends getting use to their new classrooms.

The last few weeks a couple staff members have left for new adventures and we have gained some new and wonderful staff members. Ms Savannah has been a teacher at our non-traditional center and is now a lead teacher with Ms Tiffany in the Pine Classroom. In August we had Ms Kristina and Ms Kahli join us and trained lot with Ms Alyssa. Ms Kristina is the float between Birch and Redwood while Ms Kahli will be the float between Pine and Oak.

A reminder that if your family would like to receive childcare invoices that you will need to email to let me know your preference. I typically send invoices monthly, quarterly or annually.

The Oak Classroom and Maple Classroom have been enjoying this super fun clock. We may get them for the other classrooms so they can also have fun understanding time without numbers. Maple has been using the clock a lot for transitions. Instead of saying “in five minutes we will clean up” they say “when the big hand gets to the frog we will clean up.” The children have been loving it and are starting to memorize what happens at each animal.

Starting next week, Little Chicks will be piloting their nights and weekends program. Please spread the word to anyone you think may be interested. We are hoping to help families out with date nights, errands, homework and work schedules, or really whatever your families need. Below is a flyer for you to keep on your fridge or share with others.

Closing dates have been posted in your welcome letters and classes, but just in case here is another copy of the Fall 2021 Closing dates.

As always if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me at

Amanda Sattler