Mask Update & Coming into the Classroom

Hello families,

There have been many questions involving the mask mandate and what we are going to be following. After talking with Becky and Jessie and listening to other directors in meetings, LCLA is going to follow MMSD’s phased approach to the mask protocols. This means masks will be mandatory indoors, but may be removed outdoors. We will do our best to honor family choice with children outdoors. Closer to April 15th we will reevaluate to determine if masks will continue to be mandatory indoors. This brings us past most of the school districts spring breaks. We have seen most spikes of COVID cases happen after high travel/vacation times and breaks. The link too MMSD’s letter is included at the end.

Little Chicks Learning Academy is going to start allowing families back into the center, with a few safety protocols.
~We ask that you still wear a mask inside. Masks must be well fit and non-cloth. We will provide surgical masks in our entry ways.
~Please only one guardian per house hold at a time in the classroom. There may be multiple drop off and pickups happening in a classroom and if each child had both parents that would be a lot of people in one classroom. This is going to be a big adjustment for everyone so please just one guardian per house hold for now.

So many of you have never been in our center, so just a few notes about what this will look like.
~Enter through our main entry way. We will give you a generic code for now. We are in the process of changing our keypad at the 601 center.
~Please remove your shoes in the entry way, this is especially important in the winter and on rainy days.
~You will go into your child’s classroom to help them take their things off and put them in their cubbies, sign your child in and let their teacher know how the day has been going. This is going to be a learning process for everyone involved, even the teachers that have been here for a long time need to re-learn this process again. Each classroom may have a certain routine they prefer.
~This should make the signing in and out with ELV (on the IPADS and your phones) easier.

Again, this is going to be a learning process for all of us. Please reach out anytime with questions, concerns and comments you may have.

Amanda Sattler guidance/phased-approach-to-mask-protocols