A few Reminders

Hello families,

Now that families are coming back into the building I wanted to remind you that you should be shutting the door behind you and not letting anyone in, especially delivery drivers. We typically just have delivery people set the items in the entry way.

As we all know, illnesses have been going around. We are doing our part to communicate with you and keep you up to date while also keeping peoples privacy a priority. It is a licensing rule to keep things as confidential as possible. Unfortunately, we know that children are going to get sick at daycare, it is just a part of the process, it does not matter what child started it and what child passed it to who, so please do not reach out to the teachers or other families members asking where it came from.

I respond to emails rather quickly so please feel free to reach out to me whenever you have questions. I try, really hard, to respect the teachers times outside of work and I do not expect them to have to answer work related questions when they are not at work.

Thank you all for understanding and working with us to keep the center safe.

I hope everyones week is going well.

Amanda Sattler