New School Year Starts – Tuesday, September 6

Hello families,

Last week, Monday, August 1, I sent out four packets of information to you. More than that if you have multiple children here.

The information that was included:
~Center information packets
~Welcome letter from your teachers
~Family Handbook
~Door Code & UW Affiliation

Please take the time to read over these packets. Your childrens teachers and myself put a lot of work into these packets to try to give you all the information and reminders you need.

The forms I need back, as soon as possible are the UW-Affiliation/Door Codes sheet and your ACH information.

Whether you have been here a few months or five years we would like this information. Each year we wipe out all the ACH information so that all the information can be added at the same time. Please hand these forms to your classroom teachers or email them back to me by Monday, August 22, these will be used starting the first week we come back in September.

We will be installing new door code systems at both centers on August 29, I should have all door codes entered into the system by the start of Tuesday, September 6, as long as there are no technical difficulties.

Attached below are the fall closing dates.

As always please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Amanda Sattler