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Hi All!

What a great first week we have had! Our transitions have gone more smoothly than ever before. I hope you are all starting to feel settled in. We’re going to just keep rolling along here and share with you all the events we have planned.

Join us if you can, the more the merrier!



Snack Menu & Meal Reminders

Hello Families!

Welcome to September! We are just one full day away from our return to the center for the start of the 2019-2020 year.  With the start of this new year I wanted to take the opportunity to remind returning families, and share with new families our centers expectations  for your child’s mealtimes and snacks.

If your child is under one, families will need to provide everything your child is eating and drinking. Be it formula or breast milk; purées or solids. Before your child turn one you may want to start looking at the snack menu to see what your child will soon be eating. It is recommended that your child first tries new foods at home.

Once your child turns one, but not before, your child can join the centers snack program. Morning snack is at 9 am in all classrooms and afternoon typically at 3 pm once children begin to awaken from their naps. If your child will be late or miss a morning snack opportunity please make sure to provide them snack before they arrive. If you’re picking up at during the afternoon snack time, typically we are able to send the snack with you for your car or bus ride home.  Breakfast and dinner are served at home.

Now we can’t forget about your child’s main meal while they are in our care, of course I speak of lunch! We use lunch in our program as a time to come together, talk about our mornings, discuss the similarities or differences in our meals, and help prepare the children for their afternoons.  It’s generally a very enjoyable, albeit  messy time for everyone. We do have some state guidelines that must be followed for the snacks we serve and meals that you are sending.

Meals should be in an appropriate quantity for your child, a variety of foods offered, and labeled! This means, a fruit, vegetable, protein and grain are provided. Labels should provide your child’s name, date, and the contents of each item, or container provided. Unlabeled items cannot be served. We encourage you to send the healthiest meal that you can. For many families it is leftovers from the night before. Other times you might have the time to make a meal that is just for your little one. We will offer a bit of every item you send at meal/snack times. No item maybe held back until others are eaten.

Below is the states nutrition requirements for infants:


Here, you’ll have the states meal  (lunch) requirements for children ages 1 and up:

E53C77C7-07BF-46E6-A547-6144F8F45B23Lastly, I have attached the snack menu for the month of September. If you have any questions about meals and snacks, any lead teacher or myself can help!


New School Year, New Logo, New Assistant!

Hi  Families!

I am so excited to share this with you, as we are just about to welcome a new school year, we also welcome this new logo! With a little help from Alyssa, a member of our preschool team, I was able to create this new logo for our program! It’s awesome!  I have been a part of Little Chicks for nearly a decade and in my time here we have expanded not only our center but who we are and what we want to represent. This new logo represents what we are working towards and pays homage to who we have been.


Our process has been slow but steady. We recently updated our playground at the 601 location, so both playgrounds have been imagined, built and put into action by the owners, myself, and our staff. These ideas and changes began the moment I got back from Claire Warden’s Scotland Study Tour in 2015.  Our music walls are created from recycled objects including some of the owners children’s old drumsticks (I hear they go through a lot of these). Our water wall, leftover PVC pipes. Clayton is teaching the children in both programs how to grow and care for all of our outdoor delights. All of our teachers are constantly looking for more ways to bring in loose parts that are natural, found, and recycled. These items can be so much more than they were first intended, often are more interesting, more affordable, and hold up longer than the toys you find at your local big box store. Setting up provocations with these items keeps children interested and lends to extending the learning of your child.

Lastly, I am so excited to share the Amanda, who many of you are very familiar, (she does all your reservations and leads our Willow classroom), will begin officially shifting her roles to Assistant Director starting September 3rd. Amanda will still lead the Willow room but will also be able to support our staff in new ways  which will allow me to return to local boards & participate more within our directors consortium. When you see her please give her a big congratulations!