New School Year, New Logo, New Assistant!

Hi  Families!

I am so excited to share this with you, as we are just about to welcome a new school year, we also welcome this new logo! With a little help from Alyssa, a member of our preschool team, I was able to create this new logo for our program! It’s awesome!  I have been a part of Little Chicks for nearly a decade and in my time here we have expanded not only our center but who we are and what we want to represent. This new logo represents what we are working towards and pays homage to who we have been.


Our process has been slow but steady. We recently updated our playground at the 601 location, so both playgrounds have been imagined, built and put into action by the owners, myself, and our staff. These ideas and changes began the moment I got back from Claire Warden’s Scotland Study Tour in 2015.  Our music walls are created from recycled objects including some of the owners children’s old drumsticks (I hear they go through a lot of these). Our water wall, leftover PVC pipes. Clayton is teaching the children in both programs how to grow and care for all of our outdoor delights. All of our teachers are constantly looking for more ways to bring in loose parts that are natural, found, and recycled. These items can be so much more than they were first intended, often are more interesting, more affordable, and hold up longer than the toys you find at your local big box store. Setting up provocations with these items keeps children interested and lends to extending the learning of your child.

Lastly, I am so excited to share the Amanda, who many of you are very familiar, (she does all your reservations and leads our Willow classroom), will begin officially shifting her roles to Assistant Director starting September 3rd. Amanda will still lead the Willow room but will also be able to support our staff in new ways  which will allow me to return to local boards & participate more within our directors consortium. When you see her please give her a big congratulations!



Supporting Families

Hi All,

As you know we are a family here at Little Chicks. Caring for your children and supporting each other is what we are all about. That being said, today I am fortunate to share a message with you from a current family. We love you all and are thankful your a part of our school family.

“Hello Family and Friends,

We are so excited to celebrate Hattie’s 1st Birthday! One year ago today, we welcomed our second baby girl into the world and completed our family.

After her birth, I had a severe hemorrhage and had to go back into the operating room for an emergency hysterectomy. I suffered from excessive blood loss and went into Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC), which is a serious condition that affects the blood’s ability to clot normally. In total, I received transfusions equal to 75% of my body’s blood supply. It was a terrifying experience, but I am fortunate to have had outstanding medical care and access to blood that I desperately needed. After a night in the ICU and careful monitoring, my levels were able to return to normal before I left the hospital.

If not for the countless people who donated blood, I would not be here today to celebrate with my family. With many blood banks at emergency low levels (due to increased demand and a decrease in donations over the summer months), we are asking that you consider donating to your local Red Cross in Hattie’s name.

Please visit the Red Cross website to find a blood drive or donation center near you.”


With love,

The Brockdorf Family – Amy, Matt, Evelyn, and Hattie

CCTAP Invoices


CCTAP invoices are now available. Please log into your accounts, sign, date and, send your invoice to me at

Once you’ve done this I will fill out the rest of the information and get them all turned into OCCFR.

Please have these submitted by Monday July, 29th. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

End of Summer Picnic

Hi All!

Can you believe we’re just 4 short weeks away from the end of our 2018-2019 contract year! Wow! Time has flown by incredibly quickly. To wrap things up for the end of this contract year we would like to celebrate with an end of the year picnic. Ms. Tiffany O has created a short survey to help in her planning of the event. If you could click the link  she would be most appreciative.

The picnic will be help at Indian Hills park. Your children are very familiar with this park and it has a wonderfully large open field for us to play and eat!

See you soon!




Playground Construction!

Hi Families!

Construction on our Traditional playground has begun! The old fence is being torn out once section at a time and new fence is being put up. During this process there will be some minor alterations to our sandbox. Once the fence is completed we will rearrange some of the interest areas of the playground to make use of our new mud kitchen and arbor benches that we’re delivered yesterday. It’s going to be awesome when completed!

While the construction is taking place only two classrooms may use the playground at a time. Every room, weather permitting will also go to utlize the Indain Hills playgound weekly.

The process thus far has been very exciting for the children to watch. They are asking many questions of Mike and Bob and want to know about the entire process!

Now Hiring!

Little Chicks Learning Academy is licensed, City of Madison 5 Star and, NECPA accredited program. We are play-based, child-led and, nature focused. We are looking for outstanding team players who are professional, deicated, and responsible.

Responsibilites include:

  • Collaborating with coteachers to plan, implement and communicate age appropriate activities which facilitate the social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of assigned children. Provide responsive, developmentally appropriate care for guiding children’s behavior and engagement, such as inquiry, redirection, verbalizing feelings, encouraging problem solving; and setting consistent limits to help children develop inner control. Maintains and demonstrates high-level knowledge of child development and evidence based practice.
  • Working to complete clear documentation and written reports that facilitate communication with parents, co-workers and regulatory agents including daily reports, lesson plans, newsletters and professional development plans. Use a variety of communication strategies to support constructive relationships by being accessible, approachable and engaged.
  • Assess each child’s development using progress reports, screening instruments, direct observation, information from families and other stake holders. Collaborate and communicate assessment information with the classroom team. Link assessment information with success oriented growth opportunities in all developmental domains.
  • Maintain knowledge of and compliance with NECPA. Maintain knowledge of and compliance with city and state regulations and accreditation requirements governing early education and care programs.
  • Providing non-judgmental support for a diverse group of families.


  • High School Graduate OR equivalent
  • First Aid Certification within 6 months of hire


  • Associates Degree
  • Related experience

Starting pay up to $17

Benefits including Health, Dental, 401k, PTO and Paid planning!