Conferences are coming!

Next Wednesday we will be closed to children for parent-teacher conferences. This is a time for you to sit down with the staff and have a more in-depth conversation than is possible during the typical hustle and bustle of pick up and drop off’s. This is a rare uninterrupted opportunity to discuss your child’s development. Additionally, we will discuss your hopes, our goals, and explore how we can continue to work together to see them come to fruition.

Everyone benefits from these opportunities. Check out how!

Parents; you’ll be able to get helpful insights about your child and ideas to try at home. You’ll also develop a stronger connection with your child’s teachers.

Our teachers benefit by being able to teach better to the individual, meaning the more they know about your families routines, interest and goals, the better they can support your child.

Our teachers are also able to get general feedback from you. Let them know what you love about them and the classroom. Feel free to let them know what else you might like to see or how they can provide you with additional support.

When these mutual partnerships between parents and teachers are created, it is your child who will benefit most of all!

I hope to see many of you on Wednesday!

Scholastic Book Orders

Dear Parents,

In order to ease the process of the scholastic book orders, we ask that you please use the online option to order any of your books. You can find books at  This way you will still be able to go through LCLA, and it makes the entire operation faster and smoother.

Many of you have already been using this method, so it should not be much of a change. If you have not ordered books online before, it is very easy. The information you will need is already on the back of the order form. The code that links the order to LCLA should be written in the boxes, but it is always PLMQY.

This month’s (November) book order is due on Friday, November 16th.

If you have any questions, please let us know!

Thank you!!

Tuition Statements​

Hi All!

Becky, our Administrator, sent tuition statements yesterday. If you did not get one but would like one, please let your teaching staff know and we can provide you a new ACH form to complete.

On the ACH form, you will provide your email address and may choose from weekly, monthly and yearly tuition statements.

Happy Wednesday!

Call Us!

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 1.52.26 PM

Hi All!

To cut down all the calls and messages that the staff has been taking we have had a second phone line put in at our 601 location.

Moving forward if you are looking for me or sharing the number with friends and family who may be looking for care please use 608-405-3062.

If you are looking to speak with your child’s teacher in the 601 building, please continue to use the 608-233-9970 number. Remember to leave a message on either line, without one we won’t call back.  Often teachers are unable to get to the phone quickly. We want to make sure they are attending to the children’s needs first.