Little Chicks Non-Traditional Center Policies and Procedures

Policy Guide & Daily Use Contract for Little Chicks Learning Academy’s Non-Traditional Center


  • All reservation fees are hourly and are due in advance of care being received and may be paid by cash, check(written to MHC) or credit card.
  • No refunds are given for early pick-ups, late drop offs or unforeseen circumstances that affect the length of time a child remains at the Center
  • Cancellations and reservation changes require at least 24 BUSINESS HOUR notice. Any cancellations with less than 24 business hours’ notice are subject to charge.
  • Little Chicks Learning Academy accepts KidsKare and CCTAP funding through the University of Wisconsin Madison.
  • Additional Fees: Late fees are $1/minutes; Lunch is $4; Diaper Fees $1/diaper; Returned check fee $25ENROLLMENT
  1. Paperwork: All required paperwork: All required paperwork is located on our website and is required to be completed and updated per WI State Licensing Guidelines.
  2. What to Bring: A list of items to bring to on each visit is located on our website Please not that parents are responsible for providing all bottles. We do not wash bottles for families. ** Please not that all items (including bottles, food, clothing, ect.) brought to the center should be labeled with the Childs name.**
  3. Termination: Administration reserves the right to terminate and/or suspend enrollment for
    1. Failure to pay an unpaid balance at Little Chicks Learning Academy.
    2. Reasons such as: lack of parental cooperation, repeated failure to pick up the child at the scheduled time, failure to complete and return forms, failure to treat other families, staff or children with respect and/or failure to follow the policies and procedures of Little Chicks Learning Academy.


Curriculum at our locations is based on the interests of the children and focuses on the development of the whole child. We believe that children learn best when they are actively engaged in activities that interest them. We believe in the importance of play and support children’s learning and development through intentional interactions and activities supporting children’s development socially, cognitively, physically and emotionally.


  1. Licensing: The center is licensed by the State of Wisconsin. The purpose of licensing is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of children. All staff are required to follow state licensing regulations at all times.
  2. Children who have symptoms of illness that would exclude them from care per State of Wisconsin Child Care Licensing guidelines will not be allowed entrance to the center. If your child becomes ill while at the center, families will be notifies and asked to pick up their child within 1 hour.
  3. All SIDS recommendations are strictly followed at all times.
  4. Families are encouraged to wash their hands and their child’s hands upon arrival.


We believe that prevention is the key to successful guidance, Within our carefully planned environment, teachers provide children with age appropriate choices that keep them engaged and interested; thus, reducing conflict and increasing positive social interactions. Our prevention strategies encourage social development– turn taking, self-mastery, conflict resolution skills and the like – in addition to helping children understand and express their emotions and the emotions of others. When situations arise where adult intervention is necessary, our teachers provide children with appropriate alternatives, help children develop pro-social skills and aid children in understanding emotions as they work through situations.


It is our goal as a center to make an effort to work with families to provide continued care for the child. If circumstances prevent a child’s needs from being met at the center, or if a child’s behavior is having a consistent negative effect on the well-being of the other children, the Director may decide to limit reservations for care. Before care is limited, staff will work with the parents to develop pro-social skills and aid children in understanding emotions as they work through these situations.


  1. Little Chicks Learning Academy is closed for weather related reasons when Madison Metropolitan Schools and/or Middleton Schools close for the day. See handbook for details.
  2. Parents are responsible for labeling all of the items brought for the child and picking up at the end of the reservation all of the items brought for the child. Little Chicks is NOT responsible for items that are not picked up by parents at the end of a reservation or items that are brought in unlabeled.
  3. Families, who do not provide required paperwork, will not be able to drop off until all paperwork items are turned in. Full fees will be charged.
  4. Families must provide disposable diapers and wipes for their child unless they have a contract. Cloth diapers and wipes are not allowed with reservation families.
  5. If you would like more detailed information, please request an electronic copy of our Family Handbook and/or view our Family Handbook located in our entryway.


  1. Little Chicks Learning Academy is City of Madison and NECPA Accredited. Accreditation staff may be used for consultation in confidential manner. I authorize this center to release information for the purpose of improving the quality of the program and supporting staff to best meet the needs of children in the classroom.
  2. Little Chicks Learning Academy will take photos of children enrolled in our program. Photos will be used for classroom purposes, on our Facebook pages, in our newsletters, and portfolios.


By making a reservation at Little Chicks Learning Academy, it is understood that families agree to all the policies and procedures discussed above.