Our Traditional Classrooms

At LCLA our traditionally enrolled classrooms offer a looping curriculum.  Looping is a process of having a child’s two teachers follow them as they age through all of their infant/toddler years.  This fits perfectly with the attachment-focused philosophy of LCLA.

In every classroom at LCLA we focus on attachment, but expand our curriculum to encompass attachment to not only caregivers and peers, but to the world our children live in.  Social/emotional coaching occurs inside the walls of every classroom in our centers.


Our Birch classroom is for children born this calendar year.





Our Palm classroom is the next step, where babies become toddlers and gross motor development is a huge milestone.





Our Redwood room takes an even larger step out of toddlerhood and moves the children toward a preschool curriculum by the end of the academic year.





Our Oak room runs a curriculum to prepare our children for preschool.





Our Maple room, located inside our Non-Traditional Center across the parking lot from our Traditional Center, serves children from age 3 until they’re ready for Kindergarten.  This classroom doesn’t loop and is considered a step toward Kindergarten readiness for children enrolled in our program.