Our Traditional Classrooms

At LCLA, three of our four traditionally enrolled classrooms offer a looping curriculum.  Looping is a process of having a child’s two teachers follow them as they age through all of their infant/toddler years.  This fits perfectly with the attachment-focused philosophy of LCLA.

Our Tiny Toes classroom is for children born this calendar year.

Our Little Hands classroom is the next step, children move with their teacher to a toddler-focused classroom.

Our Big Hearts classroom is the bridge to our Preschool program.

Tucked in the back corner of LCLA’s Traditional Center is our Family Style classroom.  This is a room with a completely different model, but no less attachment focused.  This is a multi-age classroom where children stay with their teacher from birth to preschool.  The mixed age groups in this room allow children to learn not only from their teachers, but from the older children in the group.  Older children learn nurturing behavior from being with their younger peers.

Our Preschool program is located inside our Non-Traditional Center, right across the parking lot from our Traditional Center.  Our Preschool is a mixed age room for twelve children ages 2.5-5 years.  This program is also attachment focused, but expands that curriculum to focus on attachment to not only caregivers and peers, but to the world our children live in.  Kindness curriculum and a focus on diversity/inclusion are cherished parts of the preschool focus at LCLA.