Tiny Toes

Tiny Toes–Our children and teachers!  

Our Tiny Toes classroom currently serves children who were born in 2016.  Our Tiny Toes teachers follow their students all the way to their graduation to the Preschool program at our location just next door.  From six weeks all the way to Preschool.  This philosophy creates the best model for success in a child’s development of felt safety and security within their out of home environment.

Our Tiny Toes students are served by our teachers Jordin and Elizabeth.


Hi!  I’m Jordin.  I’m grew in the small town of Belmont, WI.  I attended UW-Platteville and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Early Childhood.  While I was at Platteville I met my fiancé, Steven.

During my first summer after college, I began working in early childhood education in a small center in Belmont.  I started as an aide, then moved to the toddler teacher.  I moved to the small town of Friendship, in Central Wisconsin, where I taught Head Start.  Last year I was a SAGE teacher in Westfield in a Kindergarten classroom.

I am very excited to be making this move and career change.  I have never lived in a city and consider myself somewhat of a country girl so this will be an interesting change for me.  My fiancé is very excited for our move.  He is from a larger city in Illinois is anxious to get back to city life.

In my free time I enjoy reading, watching my tv shows, and playing with my beautiful cat, Alizay.  Steven and I enjoy staying active.  Our favorites are playing golf, tennis, and softball.  We also love going home to my parents to swim and relax.  I’m also looking forward to our wedding in October 2016.