Traditional Enrollment

Our Philosophy

Little Chicks Learning Academy believes in the importance of trust and attachment. Our philosophy, from guidance to parent partnerships, is based on our belief that trusting relationships are key in development. Our looping program supports our belief in the importance of trust and attachment as children stay with their caregiver as they move through the program.


We believe that prevention is the key to successful guidance. By creating an environment that is filled with appropriate materials and activities, teachers are able to support active play and exploration. Within this environment, teachers provide children with age appropriate choices that keep them engaged and interested; thus, reducing conflict and increasing positive social interactions. Our prevention strategies encourage social development—turn taking, self- mastery, conflict resolution skills and the like—in addition to helping children understand and express their emotions and the emotions of others.

When situations arise where adult intervention is necessary, our teachers use their understanding of child development, their understanding of the individual child and their understanding of the importance of trust and attachment in redirecting children. Teachers provide children with appropriate alternatives, help children develop pro-social skills and aid children in understanding emotions as they work through these situations.


Curriculum at Little Chicks Learning Academy is based on the interests of the children and focuses on the development of the whole child. We believe that children learn best when they are actively engaged in activities that interest them. By observing and paying close attention to each individual child, teachers at Little Chicks Learning Academy are able to provide a curriculum that is responsive to each individual in their care. We believe in the importance of play and support children’s learning and development through intentional interactions and activities supporting children’s development socially, cognitively, physically and emotionally.

Family Partnerships

We believe that parents and families are the experts on their child and by partnering with each family we can effectively provide care and education to each individual child. We believe that open communication is the key to building this partnership and we value the insights parents provide. In conjunction with parent insights, our well-documented portfolio system provides us with a comprehensive view of each child’s development. In addition to offering various opportunities to meet with families on a regular basis, Little Chicks Learning Academy has an open door policy and encourages families to visit and/or volunteer as often as they’d like.

Caring for Our Teachers

Little Chicks Learning Academy believes that experienced, educated, dependable, and happy teachers are where quality infant and toddler care begins. Little Chicks Learning Academy is committed to the support of our teachers. We strive to provide our teachers with a warm and friendly environment where they have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the center and its programming. We provide our teachers with time each week to create lesson plans, observe the children in the classroom, work on each child’s portfolio and meet with co-workers to gather support and ideas.

Caring for Our Future

Little Chicks Learning Academy believes that individuals of all ages can contribute to the creation of an environmentally friendly atmosphere. In addition to all of the ways that the teachers contribute to creating this atmosphere (using environmentally friendly cleaning products, recycling, etc), we begin helping children discover what it means to respect the environment at a very young age. We believe that by modeling environmentally friendly practices for children, helping children learn about reusing and recycling, involving children in earth friendly activities and talking to children about the importance of environmental friendliness, we can make a positive impact on the generations to come.